Life’s Little Manual

Lifes Little Manual

At birth, we are given a slap on the butt to wake up. But where does the lecture come with the manual for living. Over the next 25 years, we learn to live. It is these habits and the ones we generate later that become critical to our well being. While good scientific evidence exists as to what is beneficial with regard to our health, taking into account our family history and medical composure, it is often disregarded for hear-say and old wives tales. One must believe that we are the guardians of our destiny.

Only we can direct the action in this production of life. With that in mind, I will try to discuss and present rational approaches based on evidence to living life to its fullest. With the companion resources, apps, etc., my goal will be to increase your lifespan and improve your lifestyle. Ultimately it will be up to you. We will illuminate the path…you must take it.

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