Healthcare Innovator

Awareness and Access to healthcare are severely limited and result in significant mortality and morbidity, globally. Dr. Nene and his team are committed to helping people improve their lifestyles and increase their lifespans with his newest healthcare venture, Pathfinder Health Sciences. The vision is to create a precision, personalized healthcare approach using a combination of media, technology, and a smart services platform that is aligned with the patient’s needs. He has previously been active in the healthcare innovation space serving as the chief medical officer at Goqii from 2013-14, and also in giving numerous talks on healthcare innovation in India.

He has also done basic sciences research in vascular surgery and spoken at a number of peer-reviewed conferences. He has also published peer-reviewed articles in several journals. He was also a collaborating investigator on isolated limb perfusion for ischemia with Dr. Quinones, and supported with an American Heart Association grant.